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One-On-One Coaching

“If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got.”
-W. L. Bateman

The power of personal coaching lies in the fact that it provides an individual with the most critical ingredient for extraordinary, consistent success: ongoing support, detailed action plans, constructive feedback and, most importantly, high level perspective.

When a person knows that they will be regularly masterminding with a coach—someone who is going to give them unwavering encouragement and support all the way to the finish line—that person's commitment, enthusiasm, and belief in their goal increases exponentially. A coach is the catalyst who helps an individual reach astounding personal achievement.

My coaching allows you and me to work together (one-on-one) through a highly effective and proven program that will support you in accelerating your results and achieving your goals. The DreamBuilder program is carefully mapped out in its curriculum content for maximum effectiveness in:

• Breaking free from limiting beliefs and self-sabotage for accelerated results
• Developing confidence and deeper thinking
• Determining what matters most, amplifying your vision,
   and activating your best resources
• Strategies for overcoming fear, doubt and worry
• Using your current conditions as stepping stones to achieving your goals
• Understanding the missing and often misunderstood elements
   of effective goal achieving

There's nothing more exciting than to see a client create phenomenal shifts in their thinking and results. More times than not, the client is amazed at how much they’ve achieved in such a short period of time. It's an overwhelming testament to the power and potential that lives in the human soul.

If you're interested in personal one-one coaching, send me an email for a complimentary strategy session. This session will help you get clear on what you want, understand what's holding you back and show you the next big step towards a richer, more fulfilling life.

I have a limited number of appointments available and they often book up quickly, so to schedule a strategy session with me, please email me at or call my office at (917) 848-3437.

To Your Dreams!

Christopher Shuff